“Pihahiroth” is the place in the Bible where the Israelites were stranded before the parting of the Red Sea. It is literally “the place of freedom!” I’m sure the people who were stranded at that literal location did NOT believe it represented freedom. There they stood with an ocean in front of them, impassable terrain on both sides and an army closing in from behind! All hope would have been quickly disappearing! What a terrible place to be. Then, in God’s time and in His way, the miraculous occurred. Not only did the sea part and they walked across on dry ground, it then collapsed on the very army who pursued them, leaving them safe and FREE!

How often in our own lives do we encounter the same situation? We end up in places where there is no way out and we begin to lose all hope. Then God, in His time and in His way, steps in and parts the sea before us. He makes a way out in such an amazing way that we have no choice but to fall on our knees in gratitude because we know it was all Him and nothing of our own strength.

It is important to remember something very valuable that gets overlooked in this story: The Israelites did not just wander into Pihahiroth. They weren’t lost. They had been following a HUGE and unmistakable sign of a pillar of smoke by day and fire by night. There was no question God was leading them and they easily followed where He led. When they ended up at Pihahiroth, it must have totally confused and frustrated them! How could a loving God PURPOSELY lead them to a place of seeming destruction? He wasn’t leading them to destruction, He was leading them to the one place where He could truly free them – body and mind. Knowing God is more powerful than our circumstances is the most liberating knowledge we can have. Knowing He is capable of doing the miraculous and that He is going to work things out brings us great peace in the midst of the most difficult circumstances.

Pihahiroth – the place where we realize God cares enough and is powerful enough to do whatever it takes to take care of us. The experience in that place is what makes us truly free!

1 thought on “Pihahiroth

  1. Oh how i’ve been to Pihahiroth many times before in my life. And you’re right ….. just when you think there is no way God makes a way. I love His amazing Grace! He always saves a rech like me. It’s never about the destination but more about the journey along the way and how we deal with it.

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