It seems I’ve spent my life in a state of expression.  I would go crazy without the creative outlets with which I have been blessed.  Those who have known me the longest know that I’ve always written notes and poems to friends that were so sappy they dripped!  That love of written expression has never faded over the course of my life.  As a result, I started pulling my thoughts together in book format.  Three of my works are now in print and several more are in the works.  I write because I am compelled to and when others appreciate or are touched by something I’ve written, it is always amazing and humbling to me.

cover front(Click here to purchase “How We Said Goodbye” from    It is said that life throws us curves when we least expect it.  I suppose that’s true.  Sometimes those curves can be wonderful but sometimes they are devastating.  One thing I have learned is that it is better not to know what the future holds.  If we knew the things we were going to have to endure in life, most of us would shrink within the confines of our homes or even our own souls.  Not knowing what tomorrow holds frees us to live completely for today.  It gives us license to embrace the world around us because tomorrow it may all be gone.  When we allow ourselves to live with open arms, we create opportunities to receive more than we can ever dream.  Yes, there will be pain, but in time the pain fades and leaves beautiful memories of amazing experiences we didn’t recognize as we were actually living them.   Annette and I initially appeared to be the most unlikely pair, but we became inseparable.  When cancer crashed into our world, we faced it together.  Although her body eventually gave in to the disease, her spirit conquered it completely.  Cancer did not win, she won!  Ours was a beautiful journey that only made our goodbye that much more exquisite.  It was painfully wonderful to have walked such a journey with such an amazing woman. I would have never dreamed that saying “goodbye” could be one of life’s greatest and richest blessings, but we lived it first-hand.   Here is our story…

Don't Miss It

Each of us is building a legacy with every breath we take. “Don’t Miss It” provides ample opportunity to reflect upon where we have been, where we are now, and where we are meant to go. In this journey through the years, Deanna O’Leary has given us a place to pause and consider our own life’s journey. Whether we live to be five or ninety-five, it will never seem long enough. No matter how or when our journey ends there will always be things that are left undone. What matters is that we live, truly live, until we die. Only through living can we ever understand the beauty that lies around us. Only through finding and honoring the truth within us can we leave behind a path for others to follow. So throw out the map and jump into the journey. You will never be the same again. (Click here to purchase “Don’t Miss It” from

Cadence of My SoulWhat is normal anyway? In her second book, Deanna O’Leary shares with us insights into her own struggles and triumphs through the expressed words of her heart. From the depths to the pinnacles, from poetry to songs, O’Leary reminds us that even when the darkness is so thick that we can’t see, there is a balance that naturally occurs when we open ourselves to the corners of our soul. As you get into rhythm with The Cadence Of My Soul, you will see the unveiling of a life’s song touched by both exuberance and despair. Open your mind and your heart as you continue through the cadence, and you will find yourself written within its pages. Perhaps the cadence you find will echo your own, or provide you with a beat to find the pace you have been searching for. Whatever it may be, there is nothing left to hide.  (Click here to purchase “The Cadence of My Soul” from

In addition to the two books above, I have several more at various stages in the process.  Who knows what will be laid on my heart in the meantime but hopefully I will complete these and get them published sooner rather than later.  The ones I am currently working on are as follows:

  • I Never Thought About That! – A book of devotionals from left field.  They are semi-short devotionals that touch on the obscure or little knows aspects of some of the many Bible stories we have heard.  So often we focus on the main points of bible stories but there are some unbelievable lessons when we consider some of the “minor” details.
  • Just Call It Love – This is a book about what love looks like and how we have twisted it into everything BUT love.
  • I See You – A book about what it means to be see the person behind the mask.  It has become so common for us to try and hide the truth of who we are or the challenges we face in life that we are becoming a more lonely society day by day.  I See You will discuss perspectives I have gained from my own life and journey, and what it means to see others by becoming vulnerable ourselves.  We all want to feel loved, but we also want to feel known, because there is something very strengthening and empowering about being seen.

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  1. Will that “How We Said Goodbye” include racing rollerbladers, an unknown man in a streetcar picture, and Shellie replacing the “sanitized for your protection” banner in a slightly used bathroom? *grinning*

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