Quiet Evidence of Faith

I wrote this as I reflected on the passing of a friend’s mother. It reminded me of the women in my life, especially my own mother, and the quiet faithfulness that can change not just a life and an entire world! When you think you don’t have anything great to offer in your service to Christ, think again. It’s easy to say, “I can’t sing or speak well. i can’t teach. I don’t have any special gift or ability to offer.” That kind of thinking is what holds you back in your service! ALL of us have gifts and abilities and none are any greater than yours! For some people, their “gift” is consistency! You know who I’m speaking about. They are those people who are steady and strong in their commitment to learning and living God’s word. They are the ones who are always in their place with a smile. They are not on stage or in the spotlight. They don’t draw attention to themselves but when they are missing, everyone notices.

You see, it is not our grand acts that most impacts those around us. It is the quiet evidence of our faith, day in and day out, that leaves the biggest legacy. So the next time you think you aren’t making a difference, think again. Talents aren’t always seen or heard; sometimes they felt!

1 thought on “Quiet Evidence of Faith

  1. Another favorite of mine. What a beautiful, powerful song! I love the tittle. It sums it all up. Great lyrics, beautiful music, and soothing vocal tones. This song tugged at my heart strings. Reminded me of my mom. A perfect reflection of her. As i listened to this lovely song i saw my moms radiant smile peeking through the clouds. God i miss her so. Thanks Deanna for this lovely song.

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