I’ll Stay

When love is new, we enjoy the many wonderful things and sensations that come with it. It is dreamy and beautiful but the passing of time brings struggles and difficulties into our lives as individuals and as a couple. It gets hard sometimes and we lose sight of why we even came together in the first place. It would be easier to walk away than to work through our issues. It would be easier to go looking for the excitement somewhere else when we can’t find it at home.

We have choices in life. Being in a relationship is a choice. Being in a marriage is a choice. It isn’t a one time choice you make and then whistle on down the road. It is a choice you make every single day you are together. It is choosing to stay when the storms of life roll in. It is choosing to stay through the good and bad. It is choosing each day to be united and face the world together. No one can make you stay in a relationship; it is a choice.

The longer we are with someone we love, the more true this song becomes. When all is said and done, staying is a choice. As for me, I choose to stay…over and over again.

1 thought on “I’ll Stay

  1. Im so grateful that we have choices because not everyone does. I look at choices as a gift. This helps me to follow through. God wakes us up every morning. In a since, everything after that is a choice. I’m glad you made that choice. But more importantly im glad you followed through by staying true to your word. Nice song!

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