From Here

What do you do when you just can’t get someone to understand something important? Well, for me, I pray about it and ask God to give me the words or the deeds that make the message abundantly clear to them. This song became one of those things!

I know many folks who are amazing. They are beautiful people who have such great things to share with the world. They are gifted with various traits and abilities that leave impacts on the people around them but they just can’t seem to see that for themselves. They are so caught up in doing the “right” things, the expected things, that they put on masks and become what everyone around them needs them to be instead of being who they are.

I wrote this song for a very special friend to try and get her to understand that I saw the real her, who she was behind all the masks and roles she put on in life. Through the experience I found, once again, that God has a sense of humor! After I sang it for her, she turned the tables on me and hit me with my own words, saying it was exactly what she had wanted to say to ME! It was a shocking but truly wonderful moment. Now when I listen to the song I am reminded to live my own life authentically, without apologies for who I was created to be.

1 thought on “From Here

  1. Love this concept. I wish it was easy for us to be able see our talents, be proud and make no apologies about it. But fear is a scary thing. Through the years i’ve been guilty of downplaying my talents as to not appear to to be too boastful, too proud or too arrogant. Then i realized that when we send out that kind of energy, it’s hard for others to see your true abilities. Then we walk arround in constant wonder and frustration asking and wondering why others cant see our talents. It’s because we can’t truly see them and when we finally do we are too afraid. Afraid of what others may say, how they may see us and afraid to succeed. But like you said, “live your own life authentically, without apologies for who God created you to be. Loved how the table were turned on you. God does have a since of humor. Happened to me as well. Great song!

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