The One To Count On

I pulled into my office parking lot as I came back from lunch one day and sat there for a few minutes and wrote this song as a message for a friend who was going through a very difficult time in her life. There’s something to be said for having someone you can count on when times get tough. That sounds cliche but it is the truth. We have people who who make us laugh. We have people we go to for advice and we have people to whom we can tell anything. Being able to have people you can truly count on for those things makes life so completely rich but it doesn’t happen by accident. We need to BE those people who can be counted on. When there is that give and take in our relationships we are able to enjoy wonderful blessings in this life! I’ve had relationships where at times I was the one to provide the laughs and the other person was the one to provide the advice and vice versa. What matters is that “stickability” factor; the thing that keeps us connected even when we may go years without any contact.

1 thought on “The One To Count On

  1. Loved it! Very cute. I agree, we should be a person someone can rely on. Everyone needs just one person. Oh what a difference and impact it makes.

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