Where You’re Meant To Be

shutterstock_112372160It seems a lot of people have the questions, “Where am I supposed to be?”  or “ What am I supposed to do?”  We all seem to struggle to find our niche.  We try this and we try that, and as a result, some things work and some things don’t.  But then there are moments (and I would say that most of us have had them) where we are engaged in something and everything seems right.  It can be anything.  It can be teaching, singing or working in an office.  It could be playing a sport.  It could be doing volunteer work.  It really could be anything, but when you’re doing it, you KNOW it is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.  The planets seem to align in perfect harmony.  Webster’s dictionary defines the word harmony as “a balanced, pleasing or suitable arrangement of parts.”  These are the moments when we actually feel everything come together, and you hear your soul whisper (or maybe even scream) “THIS is what I want to do” or “THIS is where I am called to be!”  For most of us, we have these moments, but then they pass and we walk away and go back to our day-to-day lives, doing whatever it is we do.  These are the times we need to stop, step back and listen to the voice deep within.  When I get up in the morning I often ask myself, “Am I where I’m supposed to be?  Am I doing what God called me to do?”   Many times, the answer is “no,” but why is that so?

Why is it that most of us would (on most days) say we are not doing what we are called to do?  Why would we say we don’t know for certain if we have the right job, or wonder if we are pursuing the right things in life?  Most of the time we are like little wind-up cars, running aimlessly until we hit a wall and then bouncing off and going another direction.  We are always moving, but our direction is based on whatever circumstance we run into.  If we have a good day at work or home, then we feel ok with the path we are walking.  But if we have a bad day, then we start thinking we must be going the wrong way.  We make our living doing “whatever pays the bills” and then wonder why we feel unfulfilled at the end of the day.

I have known since I was about 13 exactly what I am supposed to be doing.  I felt a pull toward things that were (and still are) my destiny.  Sure, I’ve veered from the path at times, and sometimes I’ve avoided taking chances because of my fears of the unknown, but I’ve also honored those things I felt compelled to do no matter where I was at the time.  See, sometimes we find areas – pockets – in our daily routines where we can fulfill our calling even if it isn’t something we are doing full-time.  Although some may view this as selling out, I don’t.  I believe nothing happens by chance, and often we are exactly where we need to be in order for us to learn what is necessary to graduate to the next level of our calling.  No matter where I am (or where you are), God is always working to bring you to the next level in life.   I have had a career in an industry I probably wouldn’t have chosen if I had thought it through, yet I have been blessed beyond measure by the professional journey I have taken.shutterstock_88633219  Do I believe I embarked on the journey that God intended for me?  No.  I followed what made sense to my human reasoning, but God, as He always does, turned my mistake into something that was beneficial for me. Just because we take the wrong turn sometimes doesn’t mean we can’t get back on track.  It may take longer, but the detour is not without purpose.  I made it a point, from the beginning of my career, to make my job about the people I was serving.  I took an impersonal industry and made it personal for me.  I always tried to live my calling within the confines of the choices I had made.   Yes, my choices confined me, but God still allowed me opportunities to live my calling within my environment.  He allowed me to do it through professional connections and personal relationships.  He gave me opportunities to connect on a deeper level with people, and I took those opportunities to heart.  As a result, I have enjoyed blessings most would think impossible.   And to top it off, God eventually brought me to a company where I have been free to live my calling within my career in ways I’ve never experienced before.  I could not be more grateful.  For now, I am where I am supposed to be, even though I continue to feel a call to deeper service.

If you remember nothing else I’ve said, remember this:  Your calling is who you are, and the answer to the question “Where am I meant to be” is not a location.  Where you’re meant to be is a state of mind and heart.  And until you get where you’re meant to be on the inside, you are going to continue to wander on the outside.  Until you can live your calling in spite of your circumstances, or within the confines of your circumstances, you will not be able to live it no matter the circumstances.  It has to be in every beat of your heart.  It has to be such a part of you that it’s like breathing and you can’t live without doing it.  And once you can’t live without doing it, you’ll do it wherever you are.  When it reaches that point on the inside, then I believe God opens up opportunities for us to engage outwardly more in those things IF we are willing to follow (and that’s a big “if”).  Doors will open IF we are willing to go…or in some cases, willing to stay.  It is all about what we are willing to do.

shutterstock_143697373Where you’re meant to be is much deeper than where you work, who you’re married to, where you go to church or anything else in which you engage. It is more than just trying to find a path that fits what you want to do.  It is about paying attention to those times of perfect harmony on the inside when you have clarity on exactly what you are called to do and then being committed to living it wherever you find yourself.  Don’t wait for a better situation or the “right” opportunity for you to be who you are meant to be.  Follow your heart right now!  Do what you are called to do…even if you have to get creative in making it fit wherever you are.  If you will do that, you might just find that BEING who you are called to be is the key to knowing WHERE you are meant to be.


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